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Water Treatment - Technical Library

Industrial Water Equipment have a vast library of information on the most popular water treatment processes.

Please take some time to view our library. If you cannot find the correct information you are looking for then please get in touch.

Water Softeners

Water Filters


IWE Grease Oil and Fat Remover Case Study

IWE Bacaerator  the new treatment for blocked wet wells, sumps and pumping stations

Effective Solutions for Effluent Treatment Plants



Demineralisation Unit FAQ's

Metal Recovery

Metal Recovery - Implementing Ion Exchange

Water Recycling

Water Recycling General Information


Water Storage Tanks

WRAS Cold Water Storage Cisterns

Water Testing Equipment

A guide to pH

pH Meters

A guide to Electronic pH Meters

Pipe Fittings

ABS and PVC Pipe Fittings Explained

How to connect ABS Piping

Pipe Fittings FAQ's

Pipe Sizes Explained

Ion Exchange Resins

Organic Fouling

Ion Exchange Explained

Ion Exchange

Purolite Ion Exchange Resin Selection Guide