Legionella Risk Assessment

Industrial Water Equipment undertakes legionella risk assessments based on the control of legionella bacteria in cooling and water systems approved codes of practice and guidance notes (known as hse l8 legislation).

Legionella risk assessment guidelines were produced to help engineers who are responsible for water quality issues in the workplace and to facilitate the reduction of conditions that will aid the growth of legionella bacteria.

Particular areas of concern are;

Hot and cold water systems, Plant and associated pipe work, Cooling systems, Domestic water systems, Wash systems, Air conditioning systems, Spas, Showers, Cooling towers, Swimming pools

Our unique Legionella risk assessment packages include the following services as standard.

A full asset register outlining the water systems, which fall within these guidelines on your site.

Digital image libraries of your assets AutoCAD schematic drawing generation of sites water system An outline of current condition of each listed asset or system A water temperature check ensuring satisfactory conditions for the controlling of legionella bacteria An outline guide for any remedial works required bringing assets up to acceptable standards A schedule for ongoing water hygiene monitoring Identification of on site personnel training requirements Documentation of the above to HSE standards.

legionella risk management

Buildings, water systems and most industrial sites all require regular inspection to ensure efficient and trouble free operation. Industrial water equipment limited’s dedicated risk management teams expertise helps the owners of such assets by conducting audits of all these systems particularly aqueous systems to ensure compliance with the latest guidance and codes of practice.

Industrial water equipments legionella risk management packages are usually bespoke but will almost certainly contain the following basic services;

The identification and assessment of all sources of risk in relation to the growth and presence of the legionella bacteria.

Risk assessments
A comprehensive prevention and proactive controlling of legionella by water hygiene monitoring programs

Responsible on site staff training
Implementation and monitoring of training programs

Auditable record generation.


Water AnalysisIndustrial water equipment limited laboratories are now UKAS accredited.

Incorporating the latest technology our laboratories are designed to process large volumes of water samples efficiently and effectively. We are now able to attend your site in order to take samples or you can request one of our “sample specific” bottles to be sent direct to your site.

These bottles come with a stamped addressed jiffy bag in which you return the sample back to our laboratories for the relevant analysis. The results will then be forwarded by email.

Typical water systems in which we cover all analysis aspects are :

Potable water systems, Process water systems, Swimming pool systems, Environmental water systems, Effluent and waste systems. Industries served include; Chemical industry Engineering companies Food industry Hydrogeological and environmental consultants Manufacturing companies Paper industry Power industry Regulatory authorities e.g. councils Waste management companies Water industry and associated companies.

Following are a few key tests we offer :

  • Anions and metals

  • Pesticides and herbicides

  • PAHs and Phenols

  • Physical tests

  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

  • Full range of routine regulatory microbiological parameters

  • Legionella analysis

Parasitology detection :

Licensed to carry out regulatory Cryptosporidium analysis Giardia using the latest techniques ALL analysis, whether for monitoring or water quality assessment, is in strict compliance with European and UK legislation and guidelines including: Drinking Water in Containers Regulations 1994, EC Directive 80/778, Natural Mineral Water Regulations, Private Water Supply Regulations 1991, Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000, Water Supply (Water Quality) Amendment 2001.

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