Descale and Chlorination ServicesIndustrial Water Equipment Limited use various proven methods of cleaning and disinfection techniques for both hot water systems and cold water systems. The HSC ACOP H8 states that water systems should be cleaned and disinfected when;
A routine inspection deems it necessary. If a system or part of it has been substantially altered or entered for maintenance purposes in a manner which may lead to contamination. During or following an outbreak of legionellosis. Industrial water equipments services include; Tank cleaning, Tank Chlorination and sterilisation. Tank painting and tank replacement, Cooling tower cleaning, cooling tower chlorination and cooling tower replacement.
Boiler descale. Full water system sterilisation.

All our team are fully trained in the following areas

  • Site safety

  • The use of breathing apparatus

  • Confined spaces

  • Emergency back up procedures

Safe operation of specialist cleaning equipment and are fully conversant with all legislation relating to sterilisation chlorination and associated cleaning methods.

Benefits of using Industrial Water Equipment.

  • Total safety.

  • Quality standards in extreme conditions.

  • Fast response times

  • 24-hour helpline

  • Compliant with all legislation

  • Nationwide coverage

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