resin traps

Resin Traps

Industrial Water Equipment resin traps used for prevention of water treatment systems in order to insure that if a partial leak of media or even a complete failure, your equipment will be safe. Resin Traps prevent :

  • Loss of expensive resins
  • Cross contamination of resins
  • Damage to pumps, valves, etc. further down process line
  • Costly downtime and process disturbance
  • Environmental damage
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Resin Traps made in Stainless Steel, mild steel, Hastelloy and many other metals.

Plastic Resin Traps


With clear or solid bodies. Materials: PP, PVC-U, PVC-C, PVDF & ABS.

Right Angle Resin Traps


Right angle design in plastics or metals.

Special Design Resin Traps


Constructed from PP/PVDF and stainless steel PTFE coated bodies, for high temperatures and pressures. For applications on ultra-pure water.

Large Flow Resin Traps


Contact designs for high flows and large pipelines.

Hygiene Resin Traps


Constructed in 316L Stainless Steel for the Dairy and Food Industries.



Used for the removal of unwanted solids by the use of a straining element. Available in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, brass and cast iron. Strainers offer invaluable protection for your water treatment equipment.

brass y strainer
Brass Y Strainer

Brass Y Strainer.

Sizes Available : ½” to 3″

Prices From £4.99

brass check valve
Brass Check Valve

Brass Check Valve.

Sizes Available : ½” to 4″

Prices From £6.23

brass foot valve + strainer
Brass Foot Valve + Strainer

Brass Foot Valve Plus Strainer.

Sizes Available : 1″ to 4″

Prices From £11.31

bronze y strainer
Bronze Y Strainer

Bronze Y Strainer.

Sizes Available : ¼” to 4″

Prices From £9.09

bronze y strainer flanged
Bronze Y Strainer Flanged

Brass Foot Valve Plus Strainer.

Sizes Available : 1″ to 4″

Prices From £135.69

cast iron basket strainer
Cat Iron Basket Strainer

Cast Iron Basket Strainer.

Sizes Available :1″ to 6″

Prices From £329.06

stainless y strainer flanged
Stainless Y Strainer Flanged

Stainless Y Strainer Flanged.

Sizes Available : 1″ to 6″

Prices From £156.50

Stainless y strainer
Stainless Y Strainer

Stainless Y Strainer.

Sizes Available : ¼” to 2″

Prices From £27.54

forged steel y strainer
Forged Steel Y Strainer

Forged Steel Y Strainer.

Sizes Available : ½” to 2″

Prices From £30.24

Resin Traps

Activation of a resin trap happens whenever escaping media is detected, the media accumulates within the trap and as a result ceases the flow of water, ensuring an extensive media loss doesn’t occur.

Resin traps are installed on Ion Exchange units, Media Filters, Activated Carbon and High Purity Water Systems.

Industrial Water Equipments resin traps are designed to meet your specific requirements, and can be constructed from a variety of metals and plastics including Stainless Steel and Alloy.

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