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Industrial Water Equipment have developed a 3 stage Solar Powered Drinking Water Filter, primarily for use in developing countries and emergency aid projects.

Solar Powered Water Purifier Front



  • Solar Powered Water Purifier
  • 3 Stage Purification
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Self Priming Pump
  • Up to 20 Litres Per Minute
  • Draws 10m Pumps 20m
  • 12v Battery Backup
  • Fold Away Panels for Transport
  • Battery Strength Display
  • Solar Charge Display
  • Load Current Display
  • USB Charge Point

Solar Powered Off Grid Water Purifier

The system is totally self contained and self sufficient requiring no external power.The filter works via 2 x 300w Solar Panels which fold away when not in use. The solar panels charge a 110 amp 12v battery which via the control panel powers the pump and the 12 volt UV disinfection filter.

Filtration Stages

Water enters the unit via a 12 volt pump which can draw from a water source up to 10 meters away.
The water then enters a centrifugal filter system which causes large particulates to separate from the water and collect in the bottom of the filter bowl. A secondary filter then filters the water down to 5 micron.
After being filtered to 5 micron the water then passes through a carbon filter which removes colour, taste, odour and some organics.
This 3 stage filtration system has 2 digital pressure gauges on the inlet which indicates via a pressure differential when the filters need replacing.
Post filtration the water then enters the UV disinfection chamber where the filtered water is disinfected.
The water from the outlet of the unit has enough pressure to be pumped up to 20 meters.

Other features of this unit include built in pressure switch on the pump, to turn off the pump when the outlet valve or ball float valve in treated water tank is closed.

Control Panel
The control panel indicates :

  • Battery charge level
  • Solar panel output level
  • Load level

The panel also has 2 USB charge sockets for devices such as mobile phones and laptops.

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