UV Filtration

Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems are the most popular way to disinfect a water supply and these systems have been utilised for many years. The ultraviolet unit disinfects water as it passes through the system by emitting a 254nm wavelength which attacks and breaks down the DNA of the pathogens as they come into contact with the light. Introducing a ultraviolet system is not only an affordable and reliable means of disinfection but also means that no dangerous chemicals are introduced into your water supply.

Ultraviolet technology can be used for both private water supplies and domestic applications as well as in commercial and industrial applications as a way to guarantee that safe water is available.

Cintropur UV Water

Industrial UV Water Filters provide a chemical free disinfection solution where chemicals cannot be added to the manufacturing.

UV Water Filter Kits

Complete UV water filter kits which include everything that you require to protect your water supply.

Domestic UV Water Filters - Single Tap Applications

A range of UV water filters with flow rates appropriate for domestic use.

12V UV Water Filters

12v range of compact ultra violet filters for the treatment of drinking water.

Solar Powered Water Filters

3 stage Solar Powered Drinking Water Filter, primarily for use in developing countries and emergency aid projects.

replacement lamps & sleeves
Replacement UV Lamps and Sleeves

A range of replecement UV lamps and quartz sleeves from the most popular uv manufacturers.

UV sterilisation systems dose the water with a light at a specific wavelength of 254nm. As water flows through the system the light from the UV system kills any bacteriological contaminants that may be present in the water and ensures that your supply is safe to consume. Doses within England and Wales are measured at 30mJ/cm2 whereas Scotland typically dose to a higher level of 40mJ/cm2, however, please check with your local authority for confirmation.

It is paramount that all private water supplies have a ultraviolet filter as the final point of any treatment system. It is extremely important as consuming water that has not been sterilised could have significant health impacts.

All mains water supplies are dosed with chemicals to ensure that the water is free from waterborne cysts and bacteria. However, it’s becoming increasingly popular for UV systems to be installed in your home to add an additional layer of protection to your mains water supply. Another advantage of having a UV system installed on your mains feed will protect you if there is ever a breakout in the municipal lines, like the 2015 Cryptosporidium breakout in Lancaster.

UV water filters as a minimum must have a five micron filter directly before the UV system, this is to prevent bacteria from being able to get through the UV system by hiding behind larger particulates in the water.

UV lamps must be replaced on an annual basis or as stated by the manufacturer. This will guarantee that you are protected at all times.

We offer our own IWE UV filtration brand along with Sita, Cintropur, Trojan, Wedeco systems as well as many other manufacturers. Industrial Water Equipment carry large stocks in the UK ensuring you have quick and easy access to the most cost effective and efficient UV water filters to suit your needs.

All of our UV water filtration equipment is available on a 24 hour delivery and our team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

UV Water Filters

Ultraviolet sterilisation is an extremely efficient, reliable and cost effective way of guaranteeing that your water is safe to drink. An ultraviolet disinfection system is suitable not only for residential properties and private water supplies but is commonly used across various production industries including food and beverage manufacturing, ice manufacturing, glass production, swimming pools; literally any situation where water is being used.

Get in touch with one of our technical experts at IWE who will be more than happy to assist and advise the best system for your needs.

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