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Water Softeners

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Water Softeners


Water Softeners

We are able to offer a complete range of Water Softeners designed specifically for your water system from the worlds leading brands, such as Fleck, Siata, Clack and Autotrol.

Our range consists of both Simplex and Duplex units along with a full range of Water Softener Service parts and Water Softener spares, all available to buy Online.

Water Softeners Information

The main function of a water softener is to remove hard scale forming minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium ions that are positively charged. ((Ca+²) and (Mg+² )). Simplistically, It does this by forcing the inlet water through the vessel down through a bed of resin.

The resin itself is positively charged and therefore attracts any negatively charged ions that pass through it. The hard water passes through the resin bed, loosing the calcium and magnesium ions along the way, the now soft water is sucked back up the riser tube and to the outlet giving you a soft water supply.

Water Softener Duplex System

A duplex water softener consists of two vessels containing ion exchange resin. Once the first column of resin has exhausted and goes into regeneration, the second column goes into service. This maintains soft water to service at all times.

This unit is particularly useful in a commercial or industrial setting when to shut down a production line for 2 hours would be detrimental. Duplex water softeners are usually water meter controlled.

Water Softener Triplex System

A triplex water softener consists of three vessels. This bespoke system is created by using both a simplex and a duplex system combined. Bespoke systems such as triplex, Quadplex or Multiplex water softeners can be designed and supplied by Industrial Water Equipment to suit your exacting needs

Triplex systems are commonly used in industry where a production may require a sudden influx of softened water at a peak time. If and when required, two of the three vessels will come into service to help cope with the increased demand. The third vessel is then available once the other two resin beds have been exhausted and require regeneration.