domestic water softeners

Sapphire Domestic Water Softener

Designed and built in the UK, with patented USA Clack Valves

• Stylish and ergonomic, designed specifically for modern living

• Luxurious, giving silky smooth water for the whole house, large or small. It makes showers and baths a pleasurable experience

• Efficient and carbon neutral reducing your energy costs with no cost to the planet. Reducing your needs for detergents and other cleaning products

• Kind on clothes, laundry feels fresher with only a fraction of detergent used

Model10 litre Cabinet Softener Unit20 litre Cabinet Softener Unit30 litre Cabinet
Softener Unit
ValveClack 1” Time Clock or Metered Softener Valve
Service flow0.4 m3/hr0.8 m3/hr1.4 m3/hr
Litres of softened water between regenerations at 300ppm hardness166033005000
Average number of days between regenerations*3 Days6 Days10 Days
Salt usage per regeneration1.5kg3.0kg4.5kg
Inlet & Outlet¾” BSP male
Drain¾” BSP male
Water Pressure120 psi max, 20 psi min
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Domestic Water Softeners

Industrial Water Equipments domestic range of Water Softeners are the ideal solution for water hardness within the household.

All our domestic water softeners now feature a Duplex valve and 2 vessels meaning that the water softeners are able to deliver softened water 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Our range is designed to be located into small spaces e.g under the kitchen sink, with a sliding salt lid for ease of use.

Professional assembly and robust packaging ensure you receive a ready to install device.

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