UV Water Filter Kits

Complete UV water filter kits which include everything that you require to protect your water supply. Specifically designed so that every element is sized to work with the recommended flow rate. An all in one package which guarantees you and your family are protected.

A UV water filter kit provides all of the required components to a UV disinfection solution. Included within this is a pre-filter which deals with any particulate that may be in your water supply. Particulates from pipework, rust, limescale build up or sediment larger than 5 microns will inhibit the UVs performance. Without this pre-filter, pathogens can potentially escape contact with the UV light as larger particles can act as a barrier for the pathogens to hide behind, avoiding the UV light.

These UV water filter kits are designed to work in all situations; whether a private water supply such as a well, spring or borehole or for a municipal supply adding additional protection.

At IWE we have meticulously paired our range of UV filters to the correctly sized 5 micron pre-filter to create our range of UV filter kits. Each kit we supply comes complete with everything required in order to successfully sterilise water though the use of ultraviolet light disinfection.

All of the replacement parts are available from IWE. If you have a model reference number than one of our engineers will be able to advise which part is required.

Of course, please get in touch using either the help section below or call the office and one of the team will be more than happy to assist.

UV Water Filters

In order for UV to be it’s most effective sediment must be filtered out of your water supply prior to it reaching your UV. This is an important process as it prevents particulates from acting as a barrier from the harmful effects of the UV light.

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