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Water Leak Detection Equipment

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Water Leak Detection Equipment


Complete Leak Detection Kits


Water leak detection equipment is available as a complete package for tea points, comms rooms, basements and pub cellars. These specifically designed kits have been made to provide everything required to protect an area against water leaks. The kits include all the necessary parts for easy installation with no specialist training required. Each of our packages come with an alarm panel, connection cables, sensor tape and where needed automatic shutoff valves.

Make specifying easy by ordering everything needed as a package without the worry that something is missing or not correct. Already installed in 100’s of locations, our packages do exactly what they are designed to do. Have the peace of mind that your property is protected and that the damage caused by a possible water leak will be kept to a minimum.

All of our water leak detection packages come with a 1 year warranty and are backed up with our free telephone support service.

The LeakStop and LeakStop Plus alarm panels have a mute button which will silence the audio alarm but leave the alarm LED on until the leak has been repaired and the wet area dried out. There is also a test button on the panel that can be pressed from time to time to ensure that everything is functioning correctly.


This kit includes a LeakStop alarm panel, a 3m connection cable with a factory fitted socket, a 3m length of sensor tape, a 15mm solenoid valve and floor clips to hold the sensor tape in position.
The Comms room package has been designed to protect small to medium sized comms rooms usually less than 5m x 5m.
Using one of our home protection packages will offer peace of mind that should a leak happen your home and valuables will be protected.


Our pub cellar water leak detection kit contains everything required to quickly alert you that there is a problem and water is present where it shouldn’t be.

Water Leak Prevention Devices

A water safety device that almost immediately shuts off the water supply in case of a break in the water pipe

High Level Alarm

Nice simple to install high level alarm panel designed to alert to high fluid levels in tanks when connected to a float switch. The panel has an inbuilt sounder and a LED to show that an alarm has occurred.

Optional Extras

Sends a text message to up to 512 numbers when a panel goes into alarm.  Ideal for using where the main control panel is in an area that is unmanned or there is no out of hours personnel.
A range of external sounder and beacon panels to suit every need.  Designed to work with any Alarm panel to offer remote alarm signalling.  Great for areas where the audio/visual output on the main panel may not be seen or heard.