WATER leak prevention


A water safety device mounted next to the water meter. This device almost immediately shuts off the water supply in case of a break in the water pipe.

In addition, it prevents unnecessary water consumption, depending on a preset time (from 15 minutes up to 2 hours), the water supply will be cut off in case of a leak or uninterrupted water consumption.

The device’s operation is based on a difference in pressure if the device registers a big difference in pressure (fracture) the water supply is cut off almost at once. At normal water consumption (smaller pressure difference), the time mechanism will be activated which cuts off the water supply after a pre-set time.

After turning the leaking tap off, the device will reset / reopen after a few seconds (if the device is in automatic mode).

After a small amount of water has been tapped off, the time mechanism will be reset, and a new complete preset time will be available.

The device is made of synthetic material manufactured under high pressure.

All materials used comply with the national and international standards for drinking water quality.

£321.25 - £267.71 (exc. VAT)
Normal working pressure0.5 - 6 bar
Pressure tested to22 bar
Flow25 to 2800 l/h (option 4000 & 1700 l/h)
Pressure loss0.2 - 0.7 bar
Weight0.9 kg
Temperature+ 1 ºC - + 30 ºC
Connection1 1/2" BSP (comes with 3/4" BSP reducers)
DimensionsL x H x W - 181 x 70 x 90 mm

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