Filter Sand is a granular filter material containing mainly SIO² and is used for the treatment of potable and industrial waters for the filtration of suspended solids and removal of turbidity.


Typically used for automatic backwashing water filters, Swimming pool filtration, General water filter media applications, Support layers with filtration systems.

activated carbon
Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is a porous material which attracts and traps organic chemicals inside its structure.


Anthracite is usually used within a filtration system in conjunction with a layered sand filter media usually added to remove turbidity from water.


Birm is a granular filtration media which contains an active insoluble catalyst and is primarily used for removal of iron an manganese from water feeds.

filox r
Filox R

Filox-R filter Media for Iron Manganese and Hydrogen Sulfide removal from water feeds.


Magnodol is a soluble granular filter media consisting of calcium and magnesium compounds for the neutralisation of water supplies and effluent streams.


Typical Applications : Automatic backwashing water filters, Swimming pool filtration, Multimedia filtration systems, General water filter media applications.

manganese dioxide
Manganese Dioxide

Filter media containing 80% manganese dioxide and 20% filter sand is used for the removal of ferric iron and manganese.


Typical Applications : Automatic backwashing water filters, Multimedia filters, Swimming pool filtration, General water filter media applications.

Arsenic Reduction Media

Bayoxide is an arsenic reduction media, designed with a high capacity for arsenic, providing long operating cycles and low operating costs.

bone char
Bone Char

Bone Char consists of a material in granular form which is produced from natural charring of animal bones.

nitrate removal
Nitrate Removal

A520E Nitrate Removal Resin. Designed to selectively remove Nitrates in potable water.

crystal right
Crystal Right

Filtering water through crystal right removes and reduces iron, manganese and the hardness scale forming properties in towns mains water supplies.

ion exchange resin
Ion Exchange Resin

Industrial Water Equipment stock a vast range of Ion Exchange resins from the worlds leading manufacturers, all available for immediate delivery.


Turbidex™ granules consist of a high surface area alumino- silicate mineral that provides exceptional suspended solids filtration.

filter AG+
Filter AG+ Water Filter Media

Designed to lower the levels of turbidity in water. Filter AG+ will filter down to a nominal 3 microns and remove smaller particles of turbidity. 

Filter Media

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