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Nitrate Removal

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Nitrate Removal


Nitrate RemovalMSDS


Nitrate Removal

Product Overview

Nitrate removal filter media is Supplied in 25kg bags

Typical Applications

  • Nitrate removal filters
  • Nitrate removal filtration systems
  • Nitrate reduction filter
  • See product data for more applications
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A520E Nitrate Removal Resin. Designed to selectively remove Nitrates in potable water.

Nitrates in water levels are now getting stricter and lower due to both to environmental and health issues.

Removing nitrate via ion exchange not only effectively removes nitrates, but has the advantage of wasting less water for regenerating or backwashing.
Choosing the right nitrate removal filtration system can be a minefield and entail understanding of ion exchange and deep chemistry, Industrial Water Equipments technical team are here to support you and guide you through the initial phases of choosing the right system.

Our main 4 types are shown below, However bespoke customer specs can be made in our manufacturing facility.

Co-flow regenerated nitrate filters

Counter-flow regenerated nitrate filters

Packed bed counter-flow regenerated nitrate removal systems

Continuous ion exchange nitrate reduction and removal filters

A concentration of Nitrates above 10 parts per million are considered unsafe in drinking water.

Nitrates are odourless and tasteless so nitrate removal processes must include comprehensive monitoring and testing of the treated water.

Nitrate removal filters require pre-filtration and chlorination reduction systems to perform adequately.

If you require further technical advise on our filtration media please call our office at Industrial Water Equipment