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Water Filters

Industrial Water Equipment Ltd manufacture, install, service and repair all types of Water Filters and Water Filtration equipment from the worlds leading brands including Fleck and Siata in both Simplex and Duplex forms.

Our complete range includes equipment for industrial as well as domestic applications such as plastic and stainless steel filter housings, cryptosporidium filters, replacement water filter cartridges, centrifugal filters, pure water exchange cartridges, filter presses, filter media and scale inhibitors. With such an extensive range we are confident we are able to cater for any of your water filtration requirements.

Should you require any advice regarding which product(s) would best suit your specific application then please contact us, our technical team will be more than happy to assist you.

We also provide, via our technical team a fully bespoke design program where we will design and build the optimum Filters to suit your needs maximising efficiency and cost. We also offer a wide range of Water Filters Spares available to buy online.

All our Water Filter products are included in our Best Price Guarantee Program ensuring that you get the best deal available.

Need Help?

Unsure which water filter will best suit your requirements? Please contact us on 01629 55839

we are more than happy to help.