Reverse Osmosis Filtration

  • Reverse osmosis (RO) is the industry standard process for water purification and is an extremely effective, economical means of producing filtered water whatever your requirements may be.
  • RO is a cost effective, safe way to purify your water; seen by low operating costs, no chemicals being involved and minimal maintenance once installed.
  • Our RO systems force water through a semi-permeable membrane to remove dissolved ions, larger particles and any undesirable molecules that can be found in your water supply.
  • Reverse osmosis effectiveness is due to its filtering capabilities rated at 0.0001µ. Contaminants removed by the RO process include both dissolved ions and metal ions, such as, sodium, chloride, copper, calcium, magnesium, nitrate, fluoride, lead, potassium, nitrate, sulphate and many more.
Reverse Osmosis Water Filter for Industrial Use
Product Recommended

IWE have developed a complete range of RO filtration systems, developed, designed and manufactured in the UK at our Matlock branch in Derbyshire

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters for Household Use Use

Designed for drinking and cooking to improve household feed water quality by removing minerals such as Sodium, Nitrate, Sulphate and Chlorine

Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment Modules

Complete reverse osmosis pretreatment modules designed to produce better filtered water quality and maximise process performance. 


Replacement RO membranes for your reverse osmosis equipment. IWE hold UK stocks from all leading membrane manufacturers.

RO Membrane Housings

RO membrane housings suitable for long term use in industrial applications, available in Stainless, FRP and PVC.

Reverse Osmosis Controllers

Controllers designed for automatic feed water control and monitoring of your reverse osmosis treatment plant.

Reverse Osmosis Chemicals

Chemicals designed specifically for the treatment of RO membranes. Our chemical range includes antiscalants, flocculants and cleaners.

RO Equipment Servicing

Reverse osmosis equipment maintenance and servicing packages. We guarantee to beat any like for like service contract by 20%.

Industrial Water Equipment Recommended Products
IWE Compact IBC RO

IWE Compact IBC RO – 150 lph

£2,368.00 (exc. VAT)

IWE Brackish Water RO Membrane

IWE 40 40 Brackish Water Membrane – 4″ x 40″

£160.83 (exc. VAT)

6 Stage RO Filter for Domestic Use

6 Stage Pumped Reverse Osmosis Unit

£254.95 (exc. VAT)

RO Broad Spectrum Antiscalant

25 Kg Broad Spectrum Antiscalant

£84.75 (exc. VAT)

Reverse Osmosis Q&a's

What is removed by a reverse osmosis system?

Reverse osmosis systems remove dissolved ions and metal ions which are often undesirable contaminants that you do not require in your water supply.

Our RO filtration system will reject the following;

Sodium, sulphate, calcium, potassium, nitrate, iron, zinc, mercury, phosphate, lead, arsenic, magnesium, nickel, fluoride, chloride, manganese, cyanide, arsenic, aluminium, copper, arsenic and many more.

How does it work?

Reverse osmosis works by using pressure to force water through a semi-permeable membrane to purify the water. This membrane filters down to an incredible pore size of 0.0001µ and results in the rejection of dissolved ions and metal ions found in your supply. As the feed water is forced at high pressure through the semi-permeable membrane it separates into a permeate flow (treated water) and reject flow (drain, unwanted waste water). The unwanted rejected water is disposed off and the permeate, treated water is sent to be used.

How much waste water will there be?

This varies on the size of the ro unit. IWE strives to use the latest advancements in membrane technology to ensure that waste water is kept to a minimum at all time.

For domestic RO systems there can be as much as 50% rejected water which will go to drain.

2L incoming = 1L waste & 1L of treated RO water*

Commercial and Industrial RO systems have a far less rejection rate, typically at 80% recovery, meaning a 20% rejection rate.

2,000L incoming = 400L waste & 1,600L of treated RO water*

*example figures

What are the ongoing cost implications?

Ongoing costs are minimal. Typical costs include replacement filters where required and either a membrane clean or membrane replacement when the membranes begin to fail.

How long does a reverse osmosis membranes last for?

Unfortunately, this is a tricky question to answer due to many incoming factors affect this such as the incoming water quality (temperature, pressure, contaminants present), volume being used and how often the system is being used for.

Typically if the pre-treatment is correctly designed a membrane will have a life of 2 years.*

*average life, can vary.

What sizes do you offer?

We supply domestic systems through to bespoke reverse osmosis units up to 50m3/hr of treated water.

Any size system we can cater for.

Where are these manufactured?

We are proud that these are UK manufactured and are vigorously tested and quality checked before leaving our factory. We take pride in our units and only use the highest quality of components.

At IWE we are always striving to be ahead of the industry and are always up to date with technological advancements in the water treatment industry. Product development is something that we take very seriously.

Can you install and commission?

We have an experienced team of engineers across the UK who are trained to install, commission and service all reverse osmosis systems. Theses engineers have had years experience in the industry and are the most proficient engineers in our industry.

What industries have you supplied to?

We have supplied to some very large and established companies across the world. Typical industries that we supply to include;

  • Food and beverage production
  • Breweries
  • Distilleries
  • Agricultural production
  • Car manufacturers
  • Car washes
  • Beauty products
  • Boiler and cooling tower production
  • Chemical production
  • Data centres

Reverse Osmosis Filters

Industrial Water Equipment manufacture Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems in Derbyshire UK.

We also stock a large range of RO Membranes, RO Membrane Housings and Domestic Reverse Osmosis drinking water filters for home or office.

We have fully trained UK wide service engineers who are able to service and maintain any kind of RO systems.

Alongside our standard range of RO equipment our in-house design team are also able to quote for any site specific or bespoke systems required. Full turnkey projects are our speciality, combining the most cost effective pre-treatment systems with the most efficient Reverse Osmosis Water Systems.

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