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RO MEMBRANES BY SIZE - 4040 - 4 inch x 40 inch

The main benefits of using Industrial Water Equipments Range of RO membranes are as follows.

  • Best price guarantee
  • Buy from a trusted professional Water Treatment company Industrial Water Equipment ltd who’s tech team will advise you if required.
  • Directly replaces any 4” x 40” RO membranes.
  • Produces less waste water.
  • Always available from UK Stock.
  • Low pressure required.
  • More efficient than other more expensive membranes.
  • Higher flow Capacities.
  • Individually quality tested.
  • Directly replaces Toray, Axaeon, Hydronautics and Dow membranes (plus others).
ModelActive Membrane Area ft2(m2)Average Permeated Flow GPD (m3/d)Stable Rejection Rate ( %)Minimum Rejection Rate (%)
Testing Conditions
Testing Pressure225psi (1.55Mpa)
Temperature of Testing Solution25℃
Concentration of Testing Solution (NaCl)2000ppm
pH Value of Testing Solution7.5
Recovery Rate of Single Membrane Element15
Operation Limits and Conditions
Max. Working Pressure600psi􀒁4.14Mpa􀒂
Max. Feed water Flow75gpm(17m3/h) (8040), 16gpm(3.6m3/h) (4040,4021)
Max. Feed water Temperature45℃
Max. Feed water SDI155
Residual Chlorine Concentration of Feedwater􀒕0.1ppm
pH Range of Feedwater during Continuous Operation3􀓗10
PH Range of Feedwater during Chemical Cleaning2􀓗12
The Max. Pressure Drop of a Single Membrane Element15psi (0.1Mpa)
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RO Membranes by size – 4040 – 4″ x 40″

Industrial Water Equipments new BW4040 Membranes are specifically designed for the production of pure water for a huge range of industrial applications. Directly replaces Toray, Axaeon, Hydronautics and Dow membranes (plus others).

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