Fleck Water Softeners



Fleck 5600 Water Softener
Fleck 2750 Water Softener
Fleck 2850 Water Softener
Fleck 2910 Water Softener
Fleck 3900 Water Softener



Fleck systems benefit from being simple and easy to use as well as being quick and easy to assemble and install.

Within these systems, there is only one moving part (a single piston) making the likelihood of failure very low. The systems are also recognised as being very affordable with with a large product range to suit all requirements and budgets.


Simplex Water Softeners are best used suited to applications where soft water is not required 24 hours a day. Utilising a single vessel hard water will pass to service when the system goes into regeneration.


Duplex Water Softeners are able to supply treated water 24 hours a day. With the use of 2 vessels once vessel 1 is exhausted the supplied control valve switches demand to the vessel 2 therefore ensuring softened water is always available.

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