Fleck 9000


fleck 9000 duplex

Fleck 9000 Duplex Technical Data

9000 Duplex Product Table

CodeVessel SizeResin QuantityMax Flow
S10FLD90SXT108" x 18"10 ltr0.5 m3/hr flow
S10FLD90SXT158" x 35"15 ltr0.8 m3/hr flow
S10FLD90SXT208" x 35"20 ltr1.0 m3/hr flow
S10FLD90SXT259" x 35"25 ltr1.3 m3/hr flow
S10FLD90SXT3010" x 35"30 ltr1.5 m3/hr flow
S10FLD90SXT3510" x 44"35 ltr1.6 m3/hr flow
S10FLD90SXT4010" x 44"40 ltr1.8 m3/hr flow
S10FLD90SXT5010" x 54"50 ltr2.3 m3/hr flow
S10FLD90SXT6012" x 48"60 ltr2.7 m3/hr flow
S10FLD90SXT7513" x 54"75 ltr3.0 m3/hr flow
S10FLD90SXT10014" x 65"100 ltr3.0 m3/hr flow
S10FLD90SXT12014" x 65"120 ltr3.5 m3/hr flow
S10FLD90SXT14016" x 65"140 ltr3.5 m3/hr flow


Duplex Water Softeners are able to supply treated water 24 hours a day. With the use of 2 vessels once vessel 1 is exhausted the supplied control valve switches demand to the vessel 2 therefore ensuring softened water is always available.

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