municipal wastewater treatment


MUNICIPAL wastewater treatment

Wastewaters from single houses in the countryside that are not connected to sewers should be generally treated on-site by septic tank systems or individual domestic wastewater treatment systems.

Non Electric Wastewater Treatment PlantMunicipal sewage treatment plants from 100 up to 4000 PE

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We provide all services ourselves with the plant ClearFox Municipal – quick, flexible and and not at least with fair conditions. We offer you the complete package including intake with feasibility study with cost estimation up to project planning, delivery, installation and commissioning with optimal quality.

Planning and implementation under one roof

For an operating sewage treatment plant, we help you with possibly required restructuring or restoration work and maintaining components and compact systems. We are your competent contact for all specific questions. We are happy to accompany any new developments as well.


Non Electric Wastewater Treatment Plant

 plants for your requirements

We don’t just offer standard solutions but deliver future-oriented project concepts tailored to your specific requirements. Any plant, be it a 100 PE plant for a small part of town or a rental or leasing solution for up to 4000 PE.
You can always rely on our expert competency and the high quality of our wide product and service range when we handle your individual requirements.

How you benefit from working with us:

  • future-proof and efficient wastewater treatment solutions with ClearFox Municipal plants

  • trouble-free operation and stable cleaning results

  • quality standard, sustainability and cost awareness

  • everything under one roof – all-round service through one contact person

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Treatment of leachate

from municipal solid waste landfill


4.500m³ Industrial Wastewater

Treatment Plant for Food Industry


Containerised sewage treatment plant

for the food industry


Sewage treatment plant

German embassy in Mali


Small sewage treatment plant

ClearFox® nature


Containerised wastewater treatment

Fixed bed system for 650 person equivalent


Flotation with sludge dewatering

in waste water containers


ClearFox® container biology

secondary sedimentation unit, buffer aeration

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater is a term that is used to describe waste material. That includes industrial liquid waste and sewage waste which is collected in towns and urban areas and treated at (UWWTPs) urban wastewater treatment plants, as well as sewage that comes from single houses or small communities in the countryside that is treated on-site in either septic tanks or individual wastewater treatment systems (domestic wastewater treatment systems – DWWTS).

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