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Water Filters – Bag FIlters

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Water Filters - Bag Filters


Water Filters - Bag Filtration

Bag filtration is a very effective way of purifying water and is capable of managing very high volumes of water. They are one of the most cost effective ways of filtering water and are capable of withstanding exposure to a wide range of process conditions and substances making them a good all rounder. There is little else available on the market that is capable of withstanding high flow rates whilst remaining low cost. There are more robust filtration methods available on the market but none that will complete with the flow rates that bag filtration can withstand and none that are as cost effective.

Bag filtration works by the method of micro-filtration. The permeate passes through the bags and the contaminants become lodged within or on the surface of the bag filter as the smaller water particles freely pass through.

Nylon bag filters are double stitched nylon fibre and are cross-stitched to ensure that larger particulate cannot pass through. Polyester or polypropylene bag filters are heat bonded to ensure appropriate rigidity of the pores. There is a wide range of micron sizes available so you can be sure there is one to suit your intended application.

Bag filters can offer a very robust filtration. Their filtration removal ranges from 1-200µ. Water flow capacity is dependent on the size of the bag used. The larger the bag, the higher the acceptable flow rate. Not all filter bags are the same. Special coatings and specific pore sizes are used to remove certain chemicals from permeate.

Bag Filters Information

Bag Filter Types


Nylon bag filters are specifically designed to filter coagulant, paints/ varnishes/ coatings and inks and filtration of course sediments.

Polypropylene/ Polyester 

Polypropylene/ polyester bag filters are specifically designed to work with paints, viscous substances such as paints/ varnishes, recycled water. Bulk chemicals, syrups and as a pre treatment for other more robust water filtration systems.

We also offer a range of filter housings that are designed to accept a wide range of industrial standard bag filter medias.

Bag Filter Housings

We offer both a plastic and a stainless steel range of bag filter housings. There are benefits for both ranges but each are highly effective at managing filtration at a high flow rate.

Stainless Steel Bag Filter Housings

Stainless steel gives you maximum durability and is also resilient to corrosive substances and chemicals. Stainless steel filter housings are commonly used within industry due to its added durability and longer life compared to its plastic counterpart. Stainless steel filter housings are commonly used within the pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries.


Our most economical stainless steel filter housing, the range 81 offers durability, reliability and great water quality. This housing is available in two lengths - 7” and 14”; the larger of the two is capable of managing even higher flow rates.


This is a freestanding unit. Its diameter and height allow for a consistently high flow rate to be processed without taking up floor space. It is also capable of managing effluent of high dirt capacity.

This particular housing is compatible with all bag filters ranging from 1 - 1000µm in lengths of 16” (Single length), 32” (Double length) and 48” (Triple length)


Our most robust and durable filter housing, the range 88 is a multi bag filter housing and allows for 4, 6, 8 or 12 bag to be in service at any one time. Because of the additional bag filter function, this system is capable of dealing with high flow rates of up to 10 bars per gallon and increased turbidity. The system is designed with a bottom and side outlet connection allowing for free draining and frequent process changes.

This system is well suited and commonly used with the paint/ varnish, chemical and petrochemical industries.

The design and quality of this unit is second to none and it has proven itself to be a well-rounded and versatile system that is used for industry applications across the world.

This particular housing is compatible with all bag filters ranging from 1 - 1000µm in lengths of 16” (Single length), 32” (Double length) and 48” (Triple length)

Plastic Bag Filter Housings

Our range of plastic filter bag filter housings are also very durable and are used not only in residential settings, but also in commercial and industrial settings too. The particular systems we supply are Pentek systems. They are renowned for their quality and reliability. They remain in service longer than similar systems and ensure you get the most from each bag filter by ensuring minimal wastage.

This system is available with two different size vessels, 10” and 20”. There is also a wide range of bag filters available that are compatible with the unit ranging from - 1 - 25µm.

These systems along with the filter bags do also have WRAS approval.