mobile wastewater treatment


mobile wastewater treatment

We offer the complete services as described below :

  • Delivery of the complete mobile sewage treatment plant
  • Final assembly
  • Commissioning
  • Introduction and training for the operator or his staff
  • Service agreement
  • Maintenance work and repairs
  • Placement of collection containers (toilet container, washrooms and sanitary containers)
  • Disassembly of the plant

Mobile Wastewater treatment plants are used for situations such as:

  • Asylum seeker centres as a temporary solution
  • Municipalities during restructuring works of existing sewage treatment plants
  • Industrial companies to relieve sewage treatment plants on site
  • Construction sites for mobile use
  • Catastrophes
  • (Large) Events

Sewage treatment plants are designed as modular systems.

These can – even in the future – be extended or adjusted as desired so that they meet any given cleaning requirement.

Basically, the entire machine equipment (depending on the cleaning requirement) is housed in ISO sea containers.

We connect these modules to each other on site. The sewage treatment plant is ready to use within a few days.

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Mobile Wastewater Treatment

We rent out compact sewage treatment plants for temporary operation.

Sewage treatment plants for leasing or for rent are gaining popularity.
The operator saves liquidity and money.

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