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Water Softening Salt


IWE’s Water Softening Salt is produced from pure dried vacuum salt, analytically monitored for purity  and consistency. It is compacted, crushed and sieved to create the optimum granular size and characteristics that give the salt its major advantages over other competitors.


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IWE Water Softener Salt

IWE's salt particles range in size from 2mm and 6mm and, due to their high purity, large surface area and porosity, produce a premium quality brine that is required by today's high-efficiency water softening equipment.

Rapid dissolving IWE granules begin to dissolve rapidly the instant they come into contact with water, to produce a pure, clear, saturated brine that flows quickly and evenly through the salt bed. IWE Salt does not contain the fine grains of salt found in many of our competitors products. It will not form a sludge which can so easily block the brine pick-up or injectors, reducing the efficiency and production life of your water softener.

High purity

The high purity of IWE salt ensures that the brine does not damage the integrity of the softening resin, the valves or the vessel used in your water softener. With the help of IWE salt, the entire system can work more efficiently and last longer.

Easy to use IWE water softener salt is packed in strong 25kg polythene bags which are palletised and stretch wrapped to ensure that the product remains perfectly dry both in transit and storage.

The shape and consistency of IWE water softener salt allows it to flow easily and ensures that handling and usage is as effortless and foolproof as possible.

Bulk Salt Delivery

Industrial Water Equipment offer a bulk tanker blown salt delivery for saturators over the capacity of 2 tonne.

Please contact us for more information