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Cartridge Exchange Systems

Industrial Water equipment have designed a pure water exchange cartridge system utilising the ion exchange process in order to produce demineralised or deionised water.

Water purifying via ion exchange can be costly and inefficient if only a small amount of di water is required. With our range of pure water demineralisation exchange filters you can have the benefits of a full deionisation system without the capital expenditure or the need for chemicals

How it works

Step 1 : Choose what range of Exchange system you require and which size unit suits your needs.

Step 2 : Order your first unit online which will be delivered next day.

Step 3 : When the unit begins to exhaust order an exchange unit. We will collect your old unit when we deliver your replacement.

Need Help?

Unsure which one of our cartridge exchange systems best suits your requirements? Please contact us on

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We are more than happy to help.


ProductUseMediaTypical Applications
VMBFor high quality waterVirgin mixed bed resinReverse Osmosis polishing
Demin water polishing
Glass cleaning
High quality general purpose applications
NMBFor very high quality waterNuclear grade resinPrimary polishing for nuclear applications
Clean up systems for Nuclear applications
VHPFor ultra high quality waterUltra high purity resinElectronics Industry
Very High quality water applications
ARCFor chlorine removalActivated carbonDechlorinisation
Ozone Removal
Removal of Taste
Removal of odour
Elimination of dissolved pollutants
BCFor colour, metal and organic removalBone charcoalRemoval of colour from peaty water (meets EC/UK regulation for potable water)
Removal of heavy metals
Electro plating effluent treatment
Floride removal
SCEFor hardness, calcium and magnesiumWater softener resinMagnesium removal
Calcium removal
Hardness removal
Scale forming mineral removal
BKEFor bespoke applicationsVariousBespoke pure water systems for any applications