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Pure Water Exchange – BKE for Bespoke Applications

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Pure Water Exchange Systems - BKE for Bespoke Applications


BKE Series for Bespoke Applications


Pure Water Exchange - BKE

Industrial Water Equipment also offer Pure Water Exchange Systems designed for bespoke applications.

Please contact us with your requirements.


Main Benefits

  • Our systems require no on-site installations.
  • Our systems require no drain connections.
  • Our systems have no working parts, therefore no maintenance is required


How it Works

The outlet deionised water is filtered through a mixed bed ion exchange resin which removes impurities from the feed water.

Each exchange system will exhaust after passing the preset volume of water through the unit.

Once the Ion Exchange resin has reached capacity (saturation point) the outlet water quality will decrease. This decrease in quality can be measured with a conductivity meter. Once the unit has exhausted simply order an exchange unit and we will deliver the new cylinder and remove the old exhausted unit.

Optional Extras

Mixed Bed Controller

The unit type EC3020 is universal applicable for automatic monitoring and control of single or twin mixed bed cartridge filters where filter cartridge should be exchanged by hand.

Water Filter / Softener Controller – EC3020 (Incl conductivity meter, 3 inputs and 3 outputs).
ModelPower in / out
EC302024/24, 115/115 or 230/230 VAC
EC3020DC12 or 24 VDC
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Inline Water Quality TDS Meter

Industrial Water Equipment Ltd have developed a low cost Inline TDS Meter which simply clips onto the outlet from our cylinders and enables you to monitor the water quality from the outlet of your system.

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