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Cintropur Centrifugal Filters

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Cintropur Centrifugal Filters


Made entirely from top quality synthetic material, Cintropur filters are ideal for use with food products and drinking water. The Cintropur vane changes the liquid flow using centrifugal motion, forcing the larger particles down into the lower bowl, depending on the chosen filter sleeve micron-size.

Cintropur centrifugal filters are ideally suited for applications such as protection of sanitary networks, rainwater or well water. Filtration of water before Softener, Reverse Osmosis or UV Sterilisation.

With flow rates from 3.5m3/hr through to 32m3/hr covering a range of filters from the new Smart Line series, through to the industrial range, the Cintropur range will have a filter to suit your requirements.


Cintropur Replacement Filters & Carbon


Why use Cintropur Filters?


High Flow Rates

High Flow Rates :

From 3,5 m³/h to 32 m³/h

Low Pressure Drop :

Due to the diameter of the filter support + surface filtration

Range of Connections :

From ¾” to 3” (3/4”, 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2”, 2 ½”, 3”)


2 Stage Filtration


Double Stage Filtration :

Centrifugal filter vane and filter sleeve

Spares Available :

All spare parts available to purchase online



Cintropur Drain Cock

*Drain Cock to remove particles :

Just a simple flush from time to time as and when required

NW280/340/400 + NW500/650/800 : standard equipped with drain cock

*NW18/25/32 : drain cock is optional

*Not available on Smart Line Range



Transparent Bowl


Transparent Bowl :

Allowing visual control of the filter sleeve.





O Ring System


O’Ring System :

No tool required – just use your hands





Bowl made of san40 Years Experience :

Using the best quality raw materials

Bowl made of SAN

Thickness of the wall adapted for high pressure

Well studied thick structure of the thread for easy handing

6 notches for the multi positioning of the spanner

Unbreakable spanner

All vulnerable points reinforced