smart line range

Cintropur Smart Line Filters

Designed to remove solid particles from water supplies, capable of filtration from 300 micron down to 1 micron. All filters are designed as low pressure drop in order to maximise water flow. The SL 240 Duo, Trio and TE versions are designed to be used with Activated Carbon for the improvement of taste and odour, chlorine, pesticide and other dissolved organic substance removal.

Residential Applications – Protection of sanitary networks supplied with domestic water, rainwater or well water. Filtration of water before water softener, reverse osmosis or UV filter.

Industrial Applications – Protection of sanitary networks, machine tools and all industrial machinery for water treatment. Filtration of water before high pressure cleaning machines (100 to 200 bar / 1500 to 3000 psi) and very high pressure cleaning machines (1500 to 2500 bar / 21000 to 35000 psi). 

Agricultural Applications – Filtration of water (spraying) installations. Filtration of water for animals, filtration of rainwater and well water.

Cintropur Smart Line Filters

Cintropur Smart Line Centrifugal Filters. The new range of smart line filters have a maximum operating pressure of 12 bar/174psi and a maximum operating temperature of 50° C/122°F.

Each filter is supplied with a wall mounting bracket and spanner.

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