Industrial UV Water Filters

  • Industrial UV Water Filters provide a chemical free disinfection solution where chemicals cannot be added to the manufacturing.
  • Industries and applications include, food processing, car manufacturing, glass manufacturing, agricultural sectors, breweries and distilleries and many more.
  • Flow rates capable of up to 2,000m3/hr.
  • Bespoke applications can be supported whether that’s seawater, increased dosage requirement, lower dosages due to viscosity of supply.


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What type of UV do I require for my industry?

Every industry and site has their own specifications and requirements for ultraviolet disinfection, whether this be a low-amalgam system, a high flow municipal UV steriliser or a large sea water disinfection system. IWE’s engineers can advise on which system is required to ensure that you have water at the quality you desire.

Why can’t I just dose my process water with chlorine or a biocide?

Every manufacturing process has their own requirements, however, dosing with chemicals has an ongoing cost, ensuring an adequate dose is maintained and ensuring that the system operates efficiently.
Most industries prefer to choose the chemical free option, as it is a more reliable process, safer for the engineers who are managing the systems and often works out as a more cost effective treatment method.

What sectors use industrial ultraviolet systems?

Some of the sectors that we have worked with on industrial ultraviolet sterilisers include;

  • Drinking water systems
  • Ice manufacturing
  • Breweries and Distilleries
  • Health and Beauty industry
  • Storage tanks – recirculating the water to ensure bacteriological contamination cannot occur
  • Food and beverage manufacturing
  • Process water
  • Effluent systems

UV Water Filters

Ultra Violet water treatment systems or UV sterilisation is unlike other conventional water treatment solutions. It is not a filter, as it doesn’t actually remove anything from water. Instead, a UV light is emitted, destroying the DNA of any pathogens that cross its path such as viruses and bacteria. UV is a clean, safe, easy and cost effective way of treating your water. If used correctly it can destroy 99.99% of all pathogens it comes into contact with. 

Industrial Water Equipment offer a comprehensive range of UV Water Filters up to 2,000m3/hr and can provide solutions to any problem.

Should you also require prefiltration for your UV we supply a range of UV water filter kits that come complete with everything required in order to successfully sterilise your water supply through the use of UV.

We are also able to offer a complete range of UV spares and parts including replacement Lamps, Quartz Sleeves and Power Supplies for all our UV range.

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