domestic uv water filters

We have paired our range of UV filters to the correctly sized pre-filter to create our range of UV filter kits. Each kit comes complete with everything required in order to successfully sterilise water through the use of ultraviolet light.

A domestic UV system will sterilise your water making it safe for consumption. This protects you from your potentially dangerous water supply by emitting a UV light at a specific dose. This light targets the DNA of any pathogens that passes through the system including viruses and bacteria. The UV light provides a safe, cost-effective, efficient way of disinfecting your water supply without requiring chemicals.

All mains water that is supplied to our properties is treated prior to reaching our homes. Your local water supply board will treat the water prior to it leaving their site, however there have been numerous cases across the UK where waterborne cysts and viruses have been able to enter our supply. A new trend is starting to emerge where people wish to protect their supply with a UV water system in case this happens again.

At IWE we believe that all private water supplies, whether this be a borehole, spring or well  should be protected from bacteriological contaminants and waterborne cysts. All private water supplies are sources that are not chemically treated and are open to the elements which can allow for bacteria and viruses to spread. Placing a simple UV treatment system and pre-filter will guarantee that you are protected against these harmful contaminants.

UV systems are sized upon how much water you wish to process through them. This is not always known but information such as the size of property, how many bathrooms and how many occupants will be the main factor in correctly sizing your UV equipment. If in doubt please call us we will be able to offer advise on choosing a correctly sized unit for your property.

In domestic and residential properties, ultraviolet systems can be installed on a single tap at the point of use or at the entry point for the entire supply for a property.

At the very minimum an annual lamp replacement and filter change is required. The filter change may require replacing as frequently as every three months depending on your incoming water quality.

IWE stock replacement UV parts for all of their systems including replacement UV pre-filters, quartz sleeves, lamps and ballasts.

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