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Renal Services

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Industrial Water Equipment Ltd offer the following renal services :

  • PEX Pipework Installation
  • Pretreatment Systems
  • Servicing of RO and Pretreatment
  • New Renal unit mechanical and electrical installations
  • Renal unit refurbishment

Modular Renal Pretreatment

Industrial Water Equipment have developed a modular renal pretreatment system which can be installed in a matter of hours, our modular renal pretreatment systems are fully factory tested and only require 3 pipework connections and electric connection, cutting down on site work by 90% +. For the refurb projects on modular systems are perfect as they allow removal of old pretreatment and installation of new within hours.

Renal Pretreatment Image

One Flow Salt Free Water SoftenerRenal Equipment News

One Flow Systems. Our new range of One Flow salt free Water Softeners are proving very popular and saving both time and money for the renal units staff.

Our One Flow salt free softeners replace existing Water Softeners and use no salt therefore paying for themselves in under 12 months.