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Water Filters – Fleck

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Water Filters - Fleck


The Fleck Water Filter Units are suitable for commercial, industrial and residential applications. All of our systems are either Time Clock or meter controlled.

We supply Simplex, Duplex, Triplex and bespoke water filter systems.

Simplex systems are ideal in settings where it is not essential to have a filtered water supply 24/7. During the regeneration process, your system will be offline until the regeneration process has finished. If the system is timer controlled, this can be manually set to a time that you are less likely to require filtered water.

Duplex systems are designed to produce a continuous and uninterrupted supply of filtered water 24/7. These systems have a twin tank that work alternately so that there can always be one tank in service. These systems are particularly useful for industrial or commercial applications.


Fleck Simplex Water Filter


Fleck Duplex Water Filter