£635.80 - £529.83 (exc. VAT)
£798.79 - £665.66 (exc. VAT)
£1,037.45 - £864.54 (exc. VAT)
£1,059.11 - £882.59 (exc. VAT)
£1,236.46 - £1,030.38 (exc. VAT)
£1,744.67 - £1,453.89 (exc. VAT)
£3,374.75 - £2,812.29 (exc. VAT)
£4,802.10 - £4,001.75 (exc. VAT)
£5,469.95 - £4,558.29 (exc. VAT)
£6,670.56 - £5,558.80 (exc. VAT)

Birm Product Table

CodeVessel SizeMax Flow
S10FLF25SXT10BR10" x 54"0.6 m3/hr flow
S10FLF25SXT13BR13" x 54"1.1 m3/hr flow
S10FLF25SXT14BR14" x 65"1.2 m3/hr flow
S10FLF25SXT16BR16" x 65"1.5 m3/hr flow
S10FLF27SXT18BR18" x 65"1.9 m3/hr flow
S10FLF28SXT21BR21" x 60"2.6 m3/hr flow
S10FLF31SXT24BR24" x 75"3.5 m3/hr flow
S10FLF31SXT30BR30" x 78"5.4 m3/hr flow
S10FLF31SXT36BR36" x 78"7.8 m3/hr flow
S10FLF31SXT42BR42" x 78"10.7 m3/hr flow


Birm Water Filters are ideal for the removal of Iron and Manganese but also have the capability of filtering many other contaminants and chemicals such as Arsenic, Radium and Hydrogen Sulphide. Birm is particularly long-lasting. The process of filtration doesn’t erode or affect the performance on the Birm meaning there is no need for regular top-ups. The media within a Birm Filter is likely to last up to 5 years before it becomes exhausted. Birm is a non-chemical substance which is a great advantages as many companies do not like to have chemicals on site where possible.

Birm is commonly used as a pre-treatment filter for applications such as pulp mills, paper mills, tanneries, textile plants, dye houses and launders.

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