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Water Softeners – Fleck Simplex 2850 Range

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Water Softeners - Fleck Simplex 2850 Range (time clock)


Simplex valves are available in both Time clock or meter controlled.
Time clock systems are ideal for applications that do not require 24/7 soft water. The timer can be manually set to initiate regeneration at a time where soft water is least likely to be required.

Timers are usually automatically set to regenerate at 1am. Whilst the system undergoes the regeneration process, a bypass valve will allow for hard water to be available.

Meter controlled systems are more technically advanced. They calculate the permeate flow and from that, determine when to initiate the regeneration process according to your pre entered specifications. Once the permeate flow has hit the predetermined threshold, the regeneration cycle will ensue triggering the bypass valve. Once the system is in the regeneration cycle, hard water will be made available.

If you require soft water 24/7 then a Duplex system is required. A duplex water softener system features two columns, once one system goes into regeneration, the next system comes into service.

CodeVessel SizeResin QuantityMax Flow
S10FLS28SXTC10014" x 65"100 ltr3.9 m3/hr flow
S10FLS28SXTC12514" x 65"125 ltr4.4 m3/hr flow
S10FLS28SXTC15016" x 65"150 ltr5.3 m3/hr flow
S10FLS28SXTC20021" x 60"200 ltr7.0 m3/hr flow
S10FLS28SXTC25021" x 60"250 ltr8.8 m3/hr flow
S10FLS28SXTC30024" x 69"300 ltr10.0 m3/hr flow
S10FLS28SXTC35024" x 69"350 ltr10.0 m3/hr flow
S10FLS28SXTC40030" x 72"400 ltr10.0 m3/hr flow
S10FLS28SXTC50030" x 72"500 ltr10.0 m3/hr flow


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Water Softeners - Fleck Simplex 2850 Range (meter controlled)


CodeVessel SizeResin QuantityMax Flow
S10FLS28SXT10014" x 65"100 ltr16.6 m3/hr flow
S10FLS28SXT12514" x 65"125 ltr20.8 m3/hr flow
S10FLS28SXT15016" x 65"150 ltr25.0 m3/hr flow
S10FLS28SXT20021" x 60"200 ltr33.3 m3/hr flow
S10FLS28SXT25021" x 60"250 ltr41.6 m3/hr flow
S10FLS28SXT30024" x 69"300 ltr50.0 m3/hr flow
S10FLS28SXT35024" x 69"350 ltr58.3 m3/hr flow
S10FLS28SXT40030" x 72"400 ltr66.6 m3/hr flow
S10FLS28SXT50030" x 72"500 ltr83.3 m3/hr flow



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