Magnodol is able to elevate pH levels from below 5 to a neutral 7. Nevertheless, caution must be exercised, as it may result in an excessive pH increase beyond 7.

Deploying this pH-adjusting medium prior to iron removal processes proves advantageous. By naturally elevating the pH, it enhances the precipitation of iron, facilitating more efficient removal as the solution passes through manganese dioxide.

This medium operates on a sacrificial basis, necessitating periodic replenishment. We recommend annual top-ups to ensure prolonged contact time, optimising the medium’s effectiveness. The greater the contact time allotted to the medium, the more pronounced the pH elevation will be.

£39.16 - £32.63 (exc. VAT)

Product Overview

Supplied in 25kg bags

Typical Applications :
Ph correction filters.
Automatic backwashing water filters.
Swimming pool filtration.
General water filter media applications.

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