Filox R

Filox-R filter Media for Iron Manganese and Hydrogen Sulfide removal from water feeds.

High performance media for iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese removal. No oxidizsing chemicals needed for regeneration. Filox-R filter media out performs traditional media such as birm.

Filox R also has the highest flow characteristics and our performs other medias such as Birm or manganese greensand.

Filox R media requires at least a ph of 7 for iron removal and a ph of 8 for manganese removal.

Filox R also needs a longer and greater flow rate of feed water to backwash/regenerate in comparison with Birm filter media etc.

Technical advice on filtration media and systems is available via our in house tech team at Industrial Water Equipment.

£198.00 - £165.00 (exc. VAT)

Product Overview

Supplied in 0.5 Cu. ft  Bags – (14.6 ltrs)

Typical Applications :
Iron and manganese removal filtration systems.
Iron filters.
Manganese filters.
High efficiency water filtration systems.
Automatic backwashing water filters.
Swimming pool filtration.
General water filter media applications.
Pretreatment of borehole supplies

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