Anthracite is usually used within a filtration system in conjunction with a layered sand filter media usually added to remove turbidity from water.

Antracite used on its own will produce a filtration level of approx 15 microns.

Can be included in a variety of water treatment and filtration systems such as:

  • Mineral Bottled Water Equipment.
  • Power and Energy Industry.
  • Gas Industry, Boiler Water Treatment; Process Water Treatment Equipment.
  • Water softener or Ion Exchange Unit pretreatment.
  • Drinking Water systems.
  • Iron Removal filtration.
  • Swimming Pool Filtration Systems.
  • Mobile Water Supply Equipment.
  • Reverse Osmosis pretreatment.
  • Food and Beverage Industries.
£68.40 - £57.00 (exc. VAT)

Product Overview

Anthracite is Supplied in 25kg bags.

For larger orders over 1000 ltrs, Tonne bags are available

Typical Applications :
Automatic backwashing water filters.
Multimedia filters.
Swimming pool filtration.
General water filter media applications.

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