Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is a porous material which attracts and traps organic chemicals inside its structure.

Activated carbon is created by the burning of a suitable substance without oxygen which makes a carbon “char”.

The burnt material or Char is then treated chemically to develop a series of pores inside the carbons structure.

Chemically developing carbon or char substantially increases the chars surface area making it a great filter media for removing impurities in water.

Our service or technical department will give you advice on which carbon would suit your application and will be happy to quote you for onsite carbon refills/changes.

£240.00 - £200.00 (exc. VAT)
£7.10 - £5.92 (exc. VAT)

Product Overview

Typical Applications :
Carbon water filters for c
olour, taste and odour removal.
Swimming pool filtration.
General water filter media applications.
Fluoride reduction filtration systems.
Chloride reduction filtration systems,

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