Manganese Dioxide

Filter media containing 80% manganese dioxide and 20% filter sand is used for the removal of ferric iron and manganese usually from well water or borehole supplies.
Industrial Water Equipment use Naturally occurring manganese ore selected due to their catalytic performance.

Our filter media is free from contamination and no artificial additives are added in the manufacturing process of our filtration media.

The manganese element of the media varies between 55 and 85% as MnO2, but the catalytic activity is not dependent upon the manganese content.

For water filters removing only manganese, Manganese dioxide is used as an absorbent and will produce the reaction as follows :

Mn + MnO2 (s) –> 2 MnO (s)

Manganese is absorbed by the grains and refreshed by regenerating the filter media with sodium hypochlorite.

£102.20 - £85.17 (exc. VAT)

Product Overview

Supplied in 25kg bags

Typical Applications :
Automatic backwashing water filters.
Swimming pool filtration.
General water filter media applications.
Borehole supplies.
Well water filtration systems

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