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Reducing Operational Costs

The majority of commercial businesses are by now fully aware of the issues that can be caused by the prolonged use of hard water. Clogged pipes, premature failure of equipment that utilises hard water, damage to boilers etc. Without the installation of a water softener the resulting damage to equipment from hard water can be catastrophic.

The costs of hard water

As well is the damage to equipment. Energy costs associated with hard water can also play a part, boilers will have to work harder in order to reach maximum efficiency if clogged pipework is obstructing the water flow.The problem with using hard water that hasn’t been treated in some way is that hard water contains dissolved rock particles, the prolonged use of water containing these particles results in limescale build up that hinders your operational equipment to function incorrectly which in turn leads to higher heating costs and ultimately equipment breakdown or even complete failure.

Hard Savings with Soft Water

With the installation of a water softener the effects of hard water are eliminated. Water softeners dramatically reduce the scale build up within pipework and in doing so aid operation.

Other benefits of Water Softeners

Using soft water will save your company money. The installation of a water softener is a comparatively inexpensive procedure when compared with high heating bills. repair, upkeep and replacement of hard water damaged equipment.

Environmentally using a water softener is of significant benefit as less energy will be required to power your equipment

Installing a Softening System

In order to start the process of installing a water softener companies should initially have water analysis carried out on the quality of their existing water. Industrial water equipment are able to offer a full site survey including water testing anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

If following water testing hard water is detected then we will be able to offer advise on the best methods and equipment to suit your specific needs. Along with this we can also provide comprehensive maintenance and service plans including water filter changes and salt delivery.

The introduction of a water softener can save your company from lost hours due to breakdowns and also reduce your current energy costs – over a period of time a water softener installation will result in massive savings in operational costs to you and your business.