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Domestic Membrane Technology

The debate regarding the quality of our drinking water is a topic that has reached new levels of sensitivity. As the population of the world grows so does the waste generation & subsequently the ever increasing amount of contaminants that find there way into our water supply. It is widely recognised that known chemicals such as lead, arsenic and certain byproducts from cleaning agents will cause adverse health effects, however many new contaminants are being discovered within our water supply, the health effects of many as yet are still unknown.

Household water supply

Homeowners are concerned on the subject of the suitability of their own tap drinking water for day-to-day potable use. Even though drinking water quality is stringently supervised in order to make sure the necessary level of quality standard is achieved, open concern with contaminant draining from water distribution systems seems to have recently been considerably increased. Fearing that drinking water condition might possibly be lost whenever it gets to residential end users residences, a large number of individuals are acquiring preventive steps by the treatment of their water supplies within the home with point of use or point of entry water filter systems. This trend is starting up substantial possibilities with regard to the domestic water filter industry. Prior to new developments in water filter technology, homeowners that wished to purchase home water filter products were limited to just a few basic choices. The most commonly used filtration devices typically tend to be a POE water softeners which have the ability to reduce the hardness in water by removing calcium and magnesium minerals. Although effective for softening water they are unable to filter contamination from biological or organic contaminants.

Membrane Treatment

The marketplace has altered considerably ever since the introduction of membrane layer water treatment solutions within the household. Presently, there are countless water treatment providers contending within the household marketplace, each of them attempting to gain the advantage within this highly competitive and growing market. The membrane filtration market is currently growing at an ever increasing rate. Reverse Osmosis filtration units are coming to the forefront as a very effective method in reducing a wide variety of contaminants such as Ions and metals within water, reverse osmosis water filters are also more energy efficient when compared with electronic distillation filter units.

With the growing demand for residential water filter units there has been a significant enhancement within the economy of manufacturing companies allowing for investment into producing better quality filters and newer technologies such as ultrafiltration along with residential units becoming more affordable. The latest ‘new generation’ household membrane layer water treatment filters intended for POE assembly have supplied a method for low recovery rates. Rather than filtering water at certain taps, these kinds of innovative POE membrane layer technologies present the additional advantage of filtering incoming water for usage all through the home.

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