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How to connect ABS Piping

ABS piping was the earliest pipes to become accepted for use with regard to waste materials, drain pipes, and also ventilation systems. ABS piping is excellent to implement because they’re inexpensive and simple to make use of as well as handle, nevertheless in a period of time ABS piping will become fragile and also breakable. Numerous residential areas do not really permit the usage of ABS piping, therefore before you decide to place ABS examine the plumbing code within your local community.

ABS Pipe installation instructions

Items You will Require:

  • ABS pipe
  • ABS fixtures
  • cleaning agent
  • paint primer
  • cement
  • dauber
  • pipe cutter
  • hacksaw or miter saw and box
  • deburring tool

Cut the pipe to the length you need it to be. Work with the deburring tool in order to eliminate any kind of burrs and or rough areas upon the pipe. Do Not Work with Sand paper. Applying sand paper is certainly a typical error several people make, sand paper has a tendency to shave off part of the pipe creating the caliber slighter. This may produce gaps whenever attempting to join up the piping leading to unnecessary leaks.

Work with the cleaning agent, and then the primer, lastly apply cement on each of the connecter pieces, and on the end of the ABS pipe which you are just about to connect. Promptly but very carefully slip the pipe directly into the connector piece and then twist the piping a 1 / 4 turn and then support for thirty seconds to get the cement to dry out.

Thoroughly clean any dirt or surplus cement with a cloth.