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Replacement Cartridge Filters

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Replacement Water Filter Cartridges


Water Filters – Replacement Cartridge Filters

Industrial Water Equipment specialise in supplying a vast range of Industrial water systems including replacement cartridge filters.

Dependent on your intended use there are dozens of different types of cartridge filters available which suit different applications which are able produce a specific water quality.

Some of the replacement water filters we supply include Pleated filters, Melt Blown filters, Jumbo filters, Wound filters, High Temperature filters, High Purity filters ,Oil Reduction filters, Carbon Block filters, Granular Activated Carbon filters, Big Bubba filters, Cryptosporidium filters, Hot Tub and Fridge filters.

All of these filters work on same principle, the pores within the filters are large enough to allow water to flow through but small enough to not allow certain contaminants. The variation of these filters is to suit different applications such as – High temperature filters to be used with hot water applications – steam production or boiler feed.

Pleated Filters

These filters consist of a pleated polypropylene of stainless steel filtering mesh and a polypropylene inner core. It is a surface filter.

Size of particle removal – ≥50µ

Used to Remove

These filters are ideal for removing larger sediments such as sand, grit, rust and scale due to the pleats providing a larger surface area.


Ideal placements of this filter would be for drinking water, boiler feed water, household or industrial washing machines, pretreatment for other water treatment solutions, pre filter for water pumps and pretreatment for irrigation systems.

Melt Blown Filters

This filter consists of a continual piece of pure polypropylene micro fibers that have been heat bonded. It is a surface filter.

Range of particulate removal – 1-75µ

Used to Remove

Finer particles, limescale, sand and rust.


Fine chemicals, removing salt from seawater, drinks industry, solvents industry, cosmetics industry, reverse osmosis and pure water pretreatment.

Jumbo Filters

These filters are much like melt blown filters, only thicker. They come in three different lengths but are all the same width. Sizes available are 10×8 20×8 and 31×8. The additional width allows for a faster flow rate. And also a more effective filtration if used in conjunction with other filtration systems, the jumbo filter is ideally placed at the beginning of the filtration stage. Jumbo filters are less likely to block than standard melt blown filters.

Range of particle removal – 1-10µ

Used to Remove

These filters are ideal for removal of sediments such as dirt, rust and other particles.


Ideal for use with bio-diesel and high permeate flow rates. Ideal for use in the food and beverage industry, solvents industry, salt removal, pretreatment for reverse osmosis, and fine chemical removal.

Wound Filters

Wound filters are made from either natural or synthetic yarns, which are tightly wound around a central piece of tubing. Industrial Water Equipment supplies these filters two different widths and four different sizes : 2.5 x 10 2.5 x 20 4 x1 0 and 4 x 20.

Range of particulate removal – 0.5 -150µ

Used to Remove

Finer particles including sand, limescale and rust.


Ideal uses of this filter would be for drinking water, boiler feed water, household or industrial washing machines, pretreatment for other water treatment solutions and chemical processing.

High Temperature Filters

The media is made form phenolic impregnated cellulose with a core and end caps in electroplated tin. These filters are pleated and as the name suggests, they are specifically designed to withstand and to continue to perform under high temperatures up to 121ºC. They are also ideal for Oil filtration. These depth filters outperform other types of filters as the Phenolic Cellulose filter media increases the surface area of the filter and significantly prolongs the life.

Range of particulate removal – 5-50µ

Used to Remove

Oil, industrial particulate removal at high temperatures.


High temperature industrial water filtration, lubricating oils, cutting fluids, alcohol, solvents industry, desalination of fuel, photographic/ film/ paper industry, metal treatment industry, fuel oil and Hydraulic fluids.

High Purity Filters

The high purity water filters used by Industrial Water Equipment are Flow-Max HP series. Fully constructed using polypropylene, these filter cartridges are very cost effective as well as effective. The disposable filter elements are used in a wide range of applications. The cartridges themselves consist of  pleated polypropylene. The ridges within the media provide an increased filtration area to accommodate for high flow rates and low pressure drops. These cartridges are known for their long service life, low running and maintenance costs.

Range of particulate removal – 0.2-50µ

Used to Remove

Sand, scale and rust.


Trapping ID resin, electronics, pretreatment for reverse osmosis, magnetic tape coatings, water based solutions, paint/ varnish industries, chemical/ cosmetic/ pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry including edible oils, water bottling, and waste water management.

Oil Reduction Cartridges

Otherwise known as oil block cartridge filters. As their name suggests, their main function is to remove oil from a water source. These oils can be free, dispersed or emulsified oils. The media is made up of a Polypropylene outer casing and end caps and is infused with a Hydrocarbon oil absorption media. These cartridges are capable to removing contaminants within a single pass without creating a pressure drop even when the media is fully saturated.

Size of particulate removal – ≥5µ

Used to Remove

Oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, solvents sheen and other hydrocarbons from water.


Manhole effluent, storm runoff water and other runoff, tank farms, marine bilge and ballast water, oils spill projects, oil & gas industry.

Carbon Block Filters

These filter cartridges are made from a polypropylene outer shell and end caps and is filled with heat-treated coconut shell. Overall, these cartridges are low cost, ideal for reducing chlorine up to 99% and they also generate a low pressure drop and long life. They also have a very thick wall, which improves performance significantly.

Range of particulate removal – ≥5µ

Used to Remove

Chlorine, colour. Taste and odour, pesticides and organics.


These cartridges are ideal for Potable water, washing machines in a domestic and industrial setting, anti-chlorine treatment, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and as a pre-treatment for reverse osmosis.

CAG Filters

Granular Activated Carbon works much the same way as carbon block but it allows for a purer filtration rate. GAC is also derived from heat treated coconut shell with an outer shell of polypropylene.

Size of particulate removal – ≥1µ

Used to Remove

Chlorine, colour. Taste and odour, pesticides and organics.


Potable water, washing machines in a domestic and industrial setting, anti-chlorine treatment, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and as a pretreatment for reverse osmosis.

Big Bubba Filters

There are three types of Big Bubba Filter cartridges available. These are pleated cartridges, depth cartridge, and activated carbon cartridge.

The Pleated big bubba cartridges are ideal for more critical industrial applications. Due to their size, they offer a much greater efficiency and allow for a much more substantial throughput making them more cost effective.

Range of particulate removal – ≤1-150µ

The depth big bubba filter cartridge filter is comprised of melt-blown polypropylene. These filter medias are ideal for withstanding chemical dosing and as the name suggests, are designed for depth filtration. They work particularly well when the permeate is gelatinous,

Range of particulate removal – 1-50µ

The Activated Carbon Filter cartridge is made up of Granular Activated Carbon. These cartridges are specifically designed to keep pressure drop to a minimum and are ideally placed for whole house filtration.
Size of particulate removal – ≥10µ

Used to Remove

colour, taste, odour and sediment, pesticides and organics.


In general, Big Bubba filter cartridges are Ideal for whole house filtration. These cartridges are capable of accepting a higher flow rate and volume compared with its regular counterparts, industrial filtration, pre filtration to reverse osmosis, desalination, farming/ agriculture industry, single replacement for multitudes of bag and cartridges.