There are various reasons as to why you may need to remove colour, taste or odour (CT&O) from your water supply. The foods and beverage industries commonly use these filters to ensure consistency in the production of their products. Another very common use for this type of filter is for general drinking water in the form of a point of use filter.

There are a few different methods available on the market with varying levels of accuracy and pricing. 

The most popular method of removing CT&O is by using Activated Carbon Filtration. This method is essentially the primary method of CT&O removal, other methods are available and work to varying degrees. It is important to note however that their effectiveness and capabilities will vary so research must be carried out before hand to determine if alternative filtration methods may be appropriate. These alternative methods include Reverse Osmosis and Ion Exchange.

Activated Carbon Cartridge Filters

SizeMedia Amount (GAC)Filter Life (months)@ flow (lpm)
2.5" x 10"300g3 - 63.8
2.5" x 20"870g3 - 67.6
4" x 10"890g3 - 67.6
4" x 20"1600g3 - 615.1

Carbon Block Cartridge Filters

SizeNominal Pore Size (micron)Chlorine Reduction (Filter Life) - LtrsChlorine Reduction (Filter Life) - Months
2.5" x 10"5 - 1015,9133 - 6
2.5" x 20"5 - 1033,3043 - 6
4" x 10"5 - 1052,0373 - 6
4" x 20"5 - 10108,4473 - 6

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