There are many different reasons as to why you may need to remove chlorine from your water supply. One reason may be to protect the equipment you are using to treat another unrelated issue such as a water softener. A water softener is used, as the name suggests, to soften the Ph of your water.

The technology used to complete this process in known as Ion exchange and uses ion exchange resin to complete this process. Ion exchange resin is made up of charged polypropylene beads that are approximately 1mm diameter. The resin has an approximate life span of 5 years if regularly cleaned and correctly maintained. One way in which the resin becomes fouled is through contact with chlorine, it has a negative reaction with the chlorine and expands before turning mushy. Once the resin gets to this stage, the damage is irreversible and will require replacement.

Activated Carbon Cartridge Filters

SizeMedia Amount (GAC)Filter Life (months)@ flow (lpm)
2.5" x 10"300g3 - 63.8
2.5" x 20"870g3 - 67.6
4" x 10"890g3 - 67.6
4" x 20"1600g3 - 615.1

Carbon Block Cartridge Filters

SizeNominal Pore Size (micron)Chlorine Reduction (Filter Life) - LtrsChlorine Reduction (Filter Life) - Months
2.5" x 10"5 - 1015,9133 - 6
2.5" x 20"5 - 1033,3043 - 6
4" x 10"5 - 1052,0373 - 6
4" x 20"5 - 10108,4473 - 6

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