It has long since been established that consuming large quantities of lead is detrimental to health. There is no safe level of lead consumption and lead prevalence in air, water or soil is closely monitored and controlled. When consumed, the body confuses Lead with calcium and other nutrients that are valuable for the body due to their similar chemical structure. The body then tries to absorb it accordingly. This can lead to long-term irreversible damage to cognitive development and behaviour, particularly for children under seven years old. There is a long list of possible side affect of lead consumption for both adults and children. It is of paramount importance to remove or at least reduce lead prevalence within your drinking water to ensure they are at safe levels.

Activated Carbon Cartridge Filters

SizeMedia Amount (GAC)Filter Life (months)@ flow (lpm)
2.5" x 10"300g3 - 63.8
2.5" x 20"870g3 - 67.6
4" x 10"890g3 - 67.6
4" x 20"1600g3 - 615.1

Carbon Block Cartridge Filters

SizeNominal Pore Size (micron)Chlorine Reduction (Filter Life) - LtrsChlorine Reduction (Filter Life) - Months
2.5" x 10"5 - 1015,9133 - 6
2.5" x 20"5 - 1033,3043 - 6
4" x 10"5 - 1052,0373 - 6
4" x 20"5 - 10108,4473 - 6

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