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Cartridge Filters – Sediment Removal

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Sediment Removal Filters


In the world of water treatment, the word sediment refers to any kind of particulate that can be carried, suspended or transported by still or flowing water. Sediment may also settle on the bed of the water source.

Common sediments that occur within water supplies include rust, sand, clay and organics.

There are various reasons for removing sediment from your water supply. It may be to protect your equipment from premature failure, such as water treatment equipment, boilers or pumps. The sediment present may also have an adverse effect on the look and the taste of your water. This may not matter to every application but for applications such as the food and beverage industries, this could be of a huge detriment for production.

There are various ranges of sediment filters available on the market. Industrial Water Equipment stock and supply only the best and our prices are the most competitive on the web. Filters suitable for sediment removal are Pleated Filters, Melt Blown Filters, Jumbo Filters, Wound Filters and Big Bubba Filters. Within this selection, each filter has specific qualities, which makes them particularly effective at attracting and therefore removing specific types of sediment.