Carbon Block water filter cartridges

Carbon block water filter cartridges are made of the highest quality materials.

In order to assure the maximum level of water purification at an incredibly low price, high quality bituminous carbon (without iron and heavy metals) have been utilised.

Our carbon block cartridge filters comply to the strict standards of the national sanitation foundation (NSF).

These cartridges are excellent in chlorine and organic substances reduction as well as taste and odour improvement.

SizeNominal Pore Size (micron)Chlorine Reduction (Filter Life) - LtrsChlorine Reduction (Filter Life) - Months
2.5" x 10"5 - 1015,9133 - 6
2.5" x 20"5 - 1033,3043 - 6
4" x 10"5 - 1052,0373 - 6
4" x 20"5 - 10108,4473 - 6

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