Activated Carbon water filter cartridges

GAC type water filter cartridges are designed so that water flows from bottom to top ensuring long contact time, allowing for maximum adsorption and treatment. Utilising a highly efficient longitudinal flow for greater carbon contact time allowing for high chlorine and other organic reductions.

Using clean water washed NSF approved coconut shell activated carbon with a large mesh size, this granular range is primarily a chlorine, taste and odour reduction cartridge with the advantage of a post filter pad to prevent carbon from being washed out and to avoid blockage if high particulate is present.

According to internal laboratory studies Activated carbon cartridges remove 99% of free chlorine, 85% of certain pesticides, solvents, aromatic hydrocarbons, fenol, benzen and other organic compounds.

SizeMedia Amount (GAC)Filter Life (months)@ flow (lpm)
2.5" x 10"300g3 - 63.8
2.5" x 20"870g3 - 67.6
4" x 10"890g3 - 67.6
4" x 20"1600g3 - 615.1

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