Pleated water filter cartridges

Pleated water filter cartridges are manufactured from durable polyester non woven fabric. They contain no binders or cellulose and have been developed specifically for drinking and bottled water applications.

In order to provide increased surface area and longer life our pleated cartridge filters are pleated around the polypropylene core. The core gives the cartridges additional strength. The end caps are immersed in a vinyl plastisol which fuses these components together acting as both an end cap and a gasket.

Pleated cartridge filters provide great sediment removal and dirt holding capacity to extend the time between cartridge change outs. Cartridges are characterised by excellent sediment adsorption  of sand, silt, rust and suspended solids from potable water. In addition these filter cartridges effectively protect boilers and plumbing systems.

Utilising 100% synthetic media makes our pleated cartridge filters washable and reusable. If the cartridge becomes clogged it can be easily cleaned by direct spray into the pleats to dislodge sediment or let dry and brush off filter cake from the surface of the media. This cartridge filter is also bacteria and chemical resistant.

SizeMicronWorking Temp (ºC)Max Flow (lpm)Filter life until first rinse (ltrs)
2.5" x 10"5, 10, 202 - 23239450
2.5" x 20"5, 202 - 234513200
4" x 10"5, 202 - 234518900
4" x 20"5, 202 - 239927000


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