Melt Blown water filter cartridges

Melt Blown series cartridges are NSF certified using FDA approved polypropylene for material requirements.

The construction of this pure polypropylene, surfactant free depth filter ensures low pressure drops with exceptional dirt holding capabilities. Our Melt Blown filters use no resin binders, lubricants, release agents or other chemical additives.

The one-step manufacturing process continuously extrudes the thermally bonds pure polypropylene microfibres into a complex filter matrix.

Cartridges are characterised by excellent sediment adsorption of sand, silt, rust and suspended solids from potable water.

Polypropylene fibres are chemical resistant and prevent development of microorganisms. In addition, these filters cartridges effectively protect expensive home appliances and residential plumbing systems.

Melt blown filters are a true depth filter and can be used for filtration of cold potable water.

IWE offer a wide range of melt blown cartridges which have multiple fibre zones. These multi fibre zones provide a graded pore structure throughout the filters depth. Our filter cartridges have been designed to capture and retain contaminants throughout the entire cross section of the filter.

The multiple fibre zones give our filter cartridges  a major competitive advantage over other melt blown filters with fewer pore size gradients within their structure.

IWE melt blown filters offer true graded depth filtration, the results are long filter service life, therefore lower consumable service costs.

SizeMicronMax Flow (lpm)Filter life (ltrs)
2.5" x 10"1, 5, 10, 20, 502012000
2.5" x 20"1, 5, 20, 503016000
4" x 10"1, 5, 20, 504018000
4" x 20"1, 5, 20, 506024000

Antibacterial Melt Blown Filters

Antibacterial Melt Blown water filter cartridges

These durable melt blown water filter cartridges are the only cartridges available with Antimicrobial / Antibacterial Nanosilver BACINIX technology.

Nanosilver is a known bacteriostatic agent. As water enters each stage of filtration it is supplemented with traces of Nanosilver, equivalent to 15-20 ppb. This trace quantity of Nanosilver imparts bacteriostatic agents and restricts the propagation of micro-organisms inside the filtration system, which in turn enhances the shelf life and protects from future contamination.

The blue colour of the filter indicates that it has been treated for additional safety.

Multiple fibre zones provide a graded pore structure throughout the entire cross section of the filter.

Unlike other “treated media” products, IWE cartridges will continue to provide safety and protection for customers whilst outlasting the competition. Nanosiltver BACINIX technology has been effective against more than 700 strains of bacteria, fungi and molds in a laboratory environment.

SizeMicronMax Flow (lpm)Filter life (ltrs)
2.5" x 10"5, 202012000
2.5" x 20"5, 203016000
4" x 10"5, 204018000
4" x 20"5, 206024000

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