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Disinfection treatment explained

Why is hard water a problem

What should be done if water is found to be hard

What should I look for in a Water Conditioner

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Why is hard water a problem?

For many uses, hard water is not a concern, although there are equally as many scenarios that hard water would be become an issue.

One problem is the reaction soap has with hard water. The reaction causes the soap to form a scum that can result to all sorts of problems. One of which is the scum not washing off your body properly, resulting in clogged pores. This could then lead onto skin irritation, especially if the service user already suffers from skin irritations such as eczema.

Another problem that occurs with the use of hard water is the prevention of soaps to create a lather, hard water tries to prevent this process, therefore service users end up using twice as much soap, whether is be washing the car, washing clothes or washing themselves.